7.8003.15 Security Lighting

Plug Load
Desired Outcome: 
Energy used for lighting reduced
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.

Lighting strategy will be provided by lighting professional

Work order will be evaluated against site circumstances

Determine and ensure appropriate device and location


Security light fixtures will meet the appropriate nationally recognized product standard ( UL UL Underwriters Laboratories 542, UL UL Underwriters Laboratories 1570)

Outdoor lamps will be suitable for local climate conditions and in accordance with ANSI ANSI American National Standards Institute, www.ansi.org / UL UL Underwriters Laboratories product standards

Security cameras will be considered

Security lighting shall be configured to be switched off unless motion is detected

Lighting shall remain on for no more than 30 minutes if continued motion is not detected

Photo and motion sensors will be included

Vandal proof fixtures will be used

Reduce energy use

Ensure device functions properly

Ensure product safety

Ensure occupant satisfaction

Ensure adequate lighting during emergency situations


Fixture will be de-energized before work begins

Worker will follow appropriate lockout procedures in accordance with OSHA OSHA U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, www.osha.gov 1910 Subpart S and ANSI ANSI American National Standards Institute, www.ansi.org / NFPA NFPA National Fire Protection Association, www.nfpa.org 70E

Lamps will be installed in accordance with manufacturer specifications

If fixture is broken, worker will refer to SWS 7.8003.14 Fixture Replacement

Lens and reflector will be cleaned

Ensure worker safety

Ensure occupant safety

Ensure continued savings

Optimize fixture performance


Security lighting will be tested in accordance with local ordinances and manufacturer specifications

To limit light pollution, aiming of light fixtures shall minimize light emitted above the horizontal

Security lighting shall not shine light directly beyond the perimeter of the development, and shall not shine light directly into any window of any residence

Meet target light levels

Ensure occupant satisfaction

Ensure occupant safety


Lamps will be disposed of in accordance with local ordinances or manufacturer specifications

Protect the environment

Prevent the reuse of inefficient components


Broken lamps containing mercury will be cleaned in accordance with EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov guidelines

Ensure worker safety

Ensure occupant safety

Staff education

Building operations staff will be provided with warranty information, product specification, and installer contact information

Educate building operations staff about operation and maintenance of equipment

Occupant education

Education regarding security lighting will be provided by building operations staff

Ensure occupant safety