7.8003.12 Re- and Retro-Commissioning

Plug Load
Desired Outcome: 
Energy efficiency of existing lighting controls maximized. (Re- means going through a commissioning process again; retro- means a first-time commissioning on an existing building)
The authority having jurisdiction may require that a licensed professional perform certain tasks outlined in this detail.
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.

Lighting control optimization will be included as part of whole building re- or retro-commissioning

Assessment will occur if lighting controls exist

Lighting strategy will be provided by lighting professional in consultation with a licensed electrical professional

Assessment will follow Lighting Controls Association EE110 and IES procedures (or appropriate section of ASHRAE ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, www.ashrae.org 's whole-building commissioning procedure)

Determine and ensure appropriate control settings


Adjustments will be made in accordance with lighting strategy

Optimize system performance


Controls will not compromise egress lighting, as required by ANSI ANSI American National Standards Institute, www.ansi.org / NFPA NFPA National Fire Protection Association, www.nfpa.org 101 and IBC IBC International Building Code

Lighting controls will ensure that required egress light levels are maintained at times when the building is occupied and meet minimum light level requirements by codes or local ordinances

Fixtures will be on when spaces are occupied

Ensure occupant safety

Staff education

Lighting professional will provide building operations staff with education on lighting control functions

Lighting professional or installer will provide building operations staff with documentation on lighting control systems

Ensure continued savings

Occupant education

Occupants will be educated of new lighting controls and benefits

Education will be provided by building operations staff

Educate occupants about new controls and benefits

Ensure continued savings