5.3188.1 Water Drainage in the Boiler Room

Hydronic Heating (Hot Water and Steam)
Special Considerations
Desired Outcome: 
No standing water in the boiler room
Assessment of existing conditions

Evidence of chronic standing water in boiler room will be addressed before installation of any new equipment

Ensure occupant safety

Protect equipment

Blow-down piping

Maintenance blow-down piping will be routed to the nearest drain

Ensure standing water is not on the mechanical room floor

Drain condition

Entire drain system will be free of debris and will work properly

Drain system will be capable of handling maximum volume of water

Draining issues will be communicated to property manager/occupant

Ensure proper drainage and discharge

Blow-down pit

If present, blow-down pit will be cleaned to handle the volume of water required to sufficiently reduce blow-down temperature for safe discharge

Blow-down pit connection to the drain system will be free and clear

Ensure blow-down temperature is within acceptable temperatures

Sump pump/sump pit

If present, sump pit will be sized to handle the volume of water required to sufficiently reduce water temperature for safe discharge

Sump pump will be rated for high-temperature application, if applicable

Sump pump will be checked for proper operation

Check valve will be installed on piping between discharge side of the sump pump and termination point

Collect and properly discharge water