5.3003.19 Refrigerant Line Inspection—Low Rise

Forced Air
System Assessment and Maintenance
Desired Outcome: 
Refrigerant lines properly installed
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.

All refrigerant lines will be insulated based on the equipment manufacturer's requirements in conformance with applicable code adopted by the jurisdiction

All installed insulation will be properly sealed

Ensure refrigerant lines do not gain excessive heat

Ultraviolet ( UV UV Ultraviolet ) protection of insulation

If exposed to sunlight, refrigerant line insulation will be protected from UV UV Ultraviolet degradation

Install insulation so it does not degrade


Refrigerant lines will be sized to meet manufacturer specifications for the installed equipment

Ensure system moves the appropriate volume of refrigerant

Installation quality

Refrigerant lines will be installed without kinks, crimps, or excessive bends

Refrigerant lines will be joined together using manufacturer-approved method(s)

Proper filter dryer(s) will be installed

Refrigerant lines will be checked for leaks following EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov Section 608 and verified leak free before refrigerant charging

Proper evacuation and dehydration techniques will be employed prior to refrigerant charging

Ensure system moves the appropriate volume of refrigerant

Ensure contaminates to not harm the system

Ensure the system is durable


Refrigerant lines will be routed, supported, and secured to the building in a manner that protects the line from damage by workers or occupants

Ensure refrigerant lines do not move, vibrate, or sag

Protect lines from damage