5.3003.18 Leak Detection—Low Rise

Forced Air
System Assessment and Maintenance
Desired Outcome: 
Dangerous leaks detected before causing injury to the occupant or damage to the building
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.
Carbon monoxide ( CO CO Carbon monoxide ) detection

Personal CO CO Carbon monoxide alarm will be worn in accordance with Building Performance Institute standards

Protect workers and occupants from possible CO CO Carbon monoxide poisoning

Gas leak detection

Gas pipes will be tested for leaks with an electronic combustible gas leak detector and verified with bubble solution

When installing new gas lines a code approved standing pressure test will be conducted to detect leaks

Ensure gas lines do not leak

Fuel oil leak detection

Oil tank, piping and equipment will be visually inspected for oil leaks

Fuel oil tanks will be inspected for leaks and corrosion

Ensure fuel oil lines and tanks do not leak