5.3002.1 Preparation for New Equipment

Forced Air
Site Preparation
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Desired Outcome: 
Existing equipment removed safely and lawfully
The authority having jurisdiction may require that a licensed professional perform certain tasks outlined in this detail.

A code compliant walkway and service platform will be installed in attics, if not present

Walkway and platform will be above the level of insulation (if practical)

Ensure new equipment can be installed and serviced

Maintain adequate insulation level

Utility disconnect

Electricity and fuel will be turned off prior to starting removal of old appliance

Protect workers and occupants from injury

Refrigerant recovery

Refrigerant will be recovered in accordance with 40 CFR 608 ( EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov ) by a licensed contractor

Comply with Safe Handling of Refrigerant Law

Protect workers and occupants from injury

Equipment disconnection

Refrigerant lines, plumbing, ducts, electric, control wires, vents, and fuel supply will be disconnected

Ensure equipment can be removed


Equipment will be removed (e.g., furnace, air handler, evaporator, condensing unit)

Equipment will be removed from space without damaging property and disturbing or compressing the insulation

Equipment will be disposed of in accordance with local laws and regulations, recycling materials when feasible

Provide room to install new equipment and work safely

Comply with applicable disposal laws