5.3001.3 Replace Return Air Systems that Incorporate Floor Cavity (Belly) and/or Attic as the Return Air Pathway

Forced Air
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Desired Outcome: 
Effective, efficient, safe, and durable return air system
Close return air openings

Existing return air openings will be closed off and sealed with a durable material equivalent in strength to the surrounding material

Disturbed materials suspected to contain asbestos or lead content will be assessed and removed in accordance with EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov regulations

Minimize air leakage

Improve indoor environmental quality

Ensure safe and legal renovation

Alternate return air system

Alternate return air opening will be provided to the furnace closet (e.g., replace louvered door or install grilles); whenever possible, follow manufacturer specifications for amount needed

Return duct design will be in accordance with ANSI ANSI American National Standards Institute, www.ansi.org / ACCA ACCA Air Conditioning Contractors of America, www.acca.org 1 Manual D Residential Duct Systems

A continuous and adequate return air pathway to the air handler will be installed

Ensure sufficient return air is provided to the system

Zone pressure test

Pressures will be measured with the furnace fan operating across interior doors that can be closed and have a supply and/or return behind them

Rooms should not exceed 3 pascals of pressure

Pressure testing will be performed with all interior doors closed and the air handler running

Ensure sufficient return air is provided to the system

Minimize moisture intrusion from negative pressures

Improve indoor air quality

Combustion Appliance Zone ( CAZ CAZ Combustion appliance zone ) testing

CAZ CAZ Combustion appliance zone testing will be performed where combustion appliances are utilized

Identify unsafe equipment operating conditions

Occupant education

Occupant will be educated on changes, how to operate and maintain the system, and any potential health concerns (e.g., lead, asbestos)

Ensure occupant is educated