4.1005.6 Enclosed Attic Storage Platform Floor—Dense Pack Installation

Attic Floors
Desired Outcome: 
Insulation reduces heat flow through floor and framing cavities inaccessible to other treatments
Fill floors

Each cavity will be 100% filled to consistent density:

  • Cellulose material will be installed to a minimum density of 3.5 pounds per cubic foot or to a maximum density structurally allowable
  • Loose fiberglass material will be installed and will be specifically approved for air flow resistance to a minimum density per the manufacturer's recommendations
  • The number of bags installed will be confirmed and will match the number required on the coverage chart

Insulation will be verified to prevent visible air movement at 50 pascals of pressure difference using  chemical smoke or other approved verification method by the authority having jurisdiction

Eliminate voids and settling

Minimize framing cavity air flows


Insulation will not be allowed on top of non- IC IC Insulation contact rated can light Can light A light fixture (or can) that is recessed into the ceiling boxes or between a heat generating appliance and a dam, unless material is rated for contact with heat generating sources

Prevent a fire hazard

Onsite documentation

A dated receipt signed by the installer will be provided that includes:

  • Coverage area
  • Thickness
  • R-value
  • Document job completion to contract specifications

    Confirm amount of insulation installed

    Comply with 16 CFR 460.17

    Occupant education

    Documentation of material and R-value will be provided to occupants

    Provide occupant with documentation of installation