4.1001.2 Knob and Tube Wiring

General Preparation
Desired Outcome: 
Insulation kept away from contact with live wiring
The authority having jurisdiction may require that a licensed professional perform certain tasks outlined in this detail.
Identifying knob and tube wiring

Contractor, assessor, auditor, or similar will inspect and assess the house to identify knob and tube wiring

Determine if knob and tube wiring exists

Testing to determine if live

Non-contact testing method will be used to identify live wiring

Ensure safety of occupants, workers, and house

Plan where remediation is needed

Isolate or replace

Proper clearance will be maintained around live knob and tube as required by the National Electrical Code ( NEC NEC National Electrical Code ) or authority having jurisdiction 

When required, a dam that does not cover the top will be created to separate insulation from the wire path

Ensure work can be completed safely

Protect occupant and house

Ensure future work can be done safely

Prevent the overheating of the wiring