3.1601.7 Support—Low Rise

Duct Preparation
Desired Outcome: 
Ducts and plenums are properly supported
For supporting material, see Referenced Standards.
Support of duct types (applies to all duct types)

Ductwork will be supported in accordance with the applicable code adopted by the jurisdiction

Flexible duct board ducts and plenums will be supported by metal strapping rods or other materials in accordance with applicable standards ( NAIMA NAIMA North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, www.naima.org )

Support materials will be applied in a way that does not allow the ductwork to sag, crimp the ductwork, or cause the interior dimensions of the ductwork to be less than specified

Metal ducts will be supported by metal strapping, rods, or other materials, per applicable standards

Eliminate falling and sagging