3.1202.1 Fixed Frame with Wood Sash—Older House

Windows and Doors
Repairing/Replacing Cracked and Broken Glass
Desired Outcome: 
Glass complete and intact; improved energy efficiency performance of fenestration
Lead paint assessment

Presence of lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes will be assumed unless testing confirms otherwise

EPA EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, www.epa.gov 's RRP RRP Renovation, repair, and painting Program Rule (40 CFR Part 745) in pre-1978 homes and proposed changes to this rule (Federal Register/Vol. 75, No. 87/ May 6, 2010) will be complied with, to be superseded by any subsequent final rulemaking or any more stringent state or federal standards

Protect worker and occupant from potential lead hazards

Broken glass removal

Putty and push points will be removed

Broken or cracked glass will be removed

Safely remove old glass

Sash preparation

Opening will be cleaned

Prepare opening for new glass

New glass installation

Glass will be sized 1/8" to 3/16'' smaller than opening to allow for movement of frame

Safety glass will be installed in accordance with local codes

Push points will be provided on each side to secure glass in frame

Glazing compound will be added in accordance with manufacturer specifications

Ensure glazing compound will adhere to sash

Install, seal, and secure new glass in place

Allow glazing compound to harden to ensure secure installation