3.1004.1 Cathedralized Attic Air Sealing (Insulation Installed at Roof Deck)

Cathedralized Attic Ceilings
Desired Outcome: 
Cathedralized attics sealed to prevent air leakage

An inspection will be conducted for mold, water leaks, and water damage before sealing a cathedralized ceiling

Repairs will be completed before work begins

Repair moisture-related issues

Backing and infill

Backing or infill will be provided as needed to meet the specific characteristics of the selected material and the characteristics of the open space

The infill or backing will not bend, sag, or move once installed

Minimize hole size to ensure successful use of sealant

Ensure closure is permanent and supports any load (e.g., wind, insulation)

Ensure sealant does not fall out

Sealant selection

Sealants will be compatible with their intended surfaces

Sealants will allow for differential expansion and contraction between dissimilar materials

Sealants will be continuous and meet fire barrier specifications, according to authority having jurisdiction

Select permanent sealant

Ensure sealant meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of the surrounding materials