2.0701.3 Crawl Space—Occupant Education

Occupant Education and Access
Basements and Crawl Spaces
Desired Outcome: 
Occupants educated on the crawl space system and how to maintain it
Written communication

Occupants will be given written documentation that describes components of the system, maintenance requirements, and health and safety considerations at a minimum

Information will be provided in simple terms

Text and pictures will be used

Documentation may be provided electronically

Literacy levels and language of occupants will be considered in selecting appropriate materials

Provide occupant with a basic understanding and documentation of the system, its maintenance, and related health and safety issues

Oral communication

When possible, the written documents will be reviewed with the occupants

Confirm that occupants have received the information

Provide an opportunity for questions and answers

Contact information

Information about the installation company and warranty will be provided

Provide occupants with a way to contact the installer