2.0701.2 Crawl Space Information Sign

Occupant Education and Access
Basements and Crawl Spaces
Desired Outcome: 
Posted signs inside of the crawl space provide essential safety and maintenance information to occupant and users of the crawl space
Sign specifications

A durable, easily seen sign will be installed at all accesses inside of the crawl space (minimum 8 ½" x 11")

A minimum expected service life of 10 years will be ensured

Prevent damage to the crawl space after upgrade

Sign content

Those entering the crawl space will be cautioned not to damage the air barrier Air barrier The separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building that slows air flow to the point that no smoke movement is visible at 50 pascals of pressure difference across the boundary , ground moisture barrier, insulation, and mechanical components specific to the crawl space type

Anyone entering the crawl space will be alerted that immediate repairs are needed in case of damage

Installer contact information will be included on the sign in case there are questions or needs for repairs

Prevent damage to the crawl space after upgrade

Educate anyone entering the crawl space

Provide occupants with a way to contact the installer

Hazard warning

Language prohibiting storage of hazardous and flammable materials will be provided on site

Prevent storage of hazardous or flammable materials in the crawl space

Maintain indoor air quality

Prevent a fire hazard