2.0701.1 Crawl Spaces—Providing New Access

Occupant Education and Access
Basements and Crawl Spaces
Desired Outcome: 
Access to the closed crawl space Closed crawl space A foundation without wall vents that uses air-sealed walls, ground and foundation moisture control, and mechanical drying methods to control crawl space moisture. Insulation may be located at the conditioned floor level or on the exterior walls. Return pathways are not allowed from the crawl space to the living space is controlled and the ground moisture barrier is protected to maintain the integrity of the system
Crawl Spaces - Providing New Access

Crawl space will be accessible in accordance with IRC IRC International Residential Code

Access to mechanical equipment located in the crawl space will be in accordance with IRC IRC International Residential Code

Service and maintenance of the crawl space and equipment will be performed without risk of damage to the thermal barrier, air barrier Air barrier The separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building that slows air flow to the point that no smoke movement is visible at 50 pascals of pressure difference across the boundary , and ground moisture barrier in accordance with IRC IRC International Residential Code

Provide crawl space access

Maintain integrity of the crawl space system


At client's/resident's discretion, a lockable access will be provided if access is from the exterior.

Control access and prevent intruders